A Brief Guide for Patio Cleaning!

It is the best time to spend time with your family members sitting in the relaxing and refreshing environment of the garden. If your patio is not clean, you cannot sit in there to enjoy the chilly weather. Therefore you should always keep your patio neat and clean for an energizing atmosphere. The task of patio cleaning seems like an easy task, but it is a challenging activity to clean the huge and dirty patio of your residence. It needs regular maintenance and repairs to keep its beautiful aesthetical looks. Here’s a quick guide for how to clean the patio.

Declutter the patio:

In most of the patios, there are certain things which need to be removed in order to clean it carefully. These things have not only put up most of the patio’s space, but it also has made it look messy and unclean. Before you start cleaning up your patio, you must remove all the clutter from the area. You can move the plant pots to clean the hidden debris. You should also move your furniture and other accessories to clean the patio wholly and carefully. Especially clean out the paves and remove the weed which has grown up in there.

Sweep the patio:

After removing all the messy things from the terrace, now you are ready to sweep out all the dust and debris from the space. Sweeping the entire patio will clean out all the dirt, debris and fallen leaves and weed from the patio. You can use a broom for this purpose. The brush will clean out the most of the space of the patio easily. The fallen leaves and the outgrown weed does not give an attractive look for the patios. You can use a simple kitchen knife in order to remove the grass by cutting it. When you are done with it, you can sweep the entire patio.

Make a bleach solution:

how to clean patio

As soon as you have swept out the entire patio, you need to wash out the whole place with a bleach solution. For this purpose, first of all, you need to make a bleach solution. Dilute the bleaching solution with water before spreading it over the floor. You can also use the patio cleaners which are readily available in the market. You should prefer the best patio cleaner in the market. It will assist you in cleaning instantly. Now make a cleaning solution out of it and spread it over the floor for an hour. The floor will soak the water.

Scrub the Patio:

After an hour, start scrubbing the floor carefully. You need a stiff brush for this purpose. Scrubbing the patio will help in getting rid of stubborn stains. You have to scrub it vigorously. The stiff brush will pull out the dirt from the floor in no time. Scrub the floor with the beaching solution and keep it away from the plants and flowers as it can damage them. After scrubbing the patio, rinse the entire area with water. The water will make all the dirt and debris get away from the patio.

Pressure water procedure:

You can also clean out the whole space with the help of water pressure. It is a cleaner way. For this purpose, it is advisable to hire an expert for a professional cleaning because he knows better than how to clean the patio with a pressure washer. It will be dangerous for you to use the pressure washer as it contains electrical code with it. The pressure cleaner will instantly clean out the whole place in less time with more satisfactorily results.